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Copper Domes: Long Lasting and Visually Appealing
Domed roofing is used for both visual and functional purposes. Domed roofs provide a feeling of spaciousness and can often be found in places of worship, or in farming structures. Lately, more people have been adapting the dome roof for their residential buildings, as it adds an undeniable feeling of class and luxury. It is also a unique and creative way of emphasizing your home’s appearance and the benefits can also be felt on the inside. A domed roof allows for high, elaborate ceilings and this type of feature is popular and desired. It can even increase a home’s value.
However, just as when it comes to selecting any roofing material, one must be considerate in how they select the material to construct their dome. If you are investing in a dome roof, it makes sense to choose the most reliable and resilient material on the market. Copper roofing is used in many of Canada’s most important structures (such as the Parliament Buildings) as it is the most durable material against the Canadian climate. Copper can sufficiently withstand heavy snowfall and hail, toxic rain and the harsh sun. It can even withstand extra pollutants and burdens such as the effects of birds or other animals.
Copper has a live span of up to 100 years. It does not rust or corrode. Therefore it will not need to be replaced, and due to its supreme durability, it will withstand the need to be repaired. This reduces extra costs in the long run, by saving on maintenance bills.
Copper is also the most aesthetically pleasing choice out of all other materials. It can be fashioned to your liking, and this allows you to get creative when selecting a pattern and style for your dome roof. In addition, it is possible to adorn the very top of your dome roof with a specialized weathervane to further personalize and enhance the beauty of your structure. Copper Works Canada has a wide selection of specialized weathervanes to choose from. Copper gives off a respectable and classic appearance. It matures from a bronze coloring to a beautiful green-blue patina, giving off a dignified look that will impress the passerby.
Finally, when you select copper for your dome, you can feel glad knowing that copper is a recyclable material. It is also fully sustainable. Therefore you are being eco-friendly, as well as practical and stylish. Call Copper Works Canada to see how  hey can help you fashion the best dome for your structure.

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